Psychological Assessments – Academic Accommodations

Psychological Assessments, Psychoeducational Evaluations

Dr Dohrenwend provides assessments for deficits in attention, memory, and behavior. Assistance and support for ADHD Diagnosis, learning disabilites, brain injury, IEP, 504 accommodation.Psychological assessments and psychoeducational evaluations identify a full range of capabilities and characteristics that impact cognition, attention, memory, behavior and emotions.

We offer psychological assessments, and psychoeducational evaluations, for academic, medical and psychological purposes. Our comprehensive approach considers each individual’s primary concerns, unique circumstances and relevant medical, academic and social/emotional history.

Assessments can assist with the following:
  • Clarifying diagnosis (e.g., ADHD Diagnosis, Learning Disabilities, Test for Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Test, Mood Disorders)
  • Assessing memory, processing speed and cognitive functioning (e.g., learning disabilities, giftedness, memory disorders)
  • Identifying deficits in social, emotional or behavioral functioning
  • Assessing brain injury (e.g. brain injury symptoms, traumatic brain injury, sports concussion) 
  • Pre-surgical psychological screenings
  • Recommending test accommodations (e.g., extended time on ACT/SAT)
  • Advocating for 504 accommodations and IEP accommodations (e.g., support during the IEP process, IEP vs 504, guidance with private or public school placement and class/course selection)
  • Providing referrals for additional beneficial ADA accommodations or therapies (i.e., occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, tutoring, brain training programs or other specialized therapies)

The Assessment Process

  1. Initial Intake: 1 hour session with client, or parent(s) if testing a minor.
  2. Testing: 1-2 sessions of face-to-face testing with client. Each session is typically 2-3 hours. (Initial Intake  & Testing can sometimes be completed during one session)
  3. Scoring, Interpretation, Records Review & Report Writing: 2-3 hours completed by Dr. Dohrenwend.
  4. Results Session: 1 hour feedback session with client, or parent(s) if testing a minor. Testing results, diagnosis (if indicated) and an individualized treatment plan outlining specific treatment options, accommodations and recommendations are reviewed. A comprehensive report is provided during this session.
  5. Coordination of Care Session (Optional): 1 hour session to consult with other relevant parties, such as attending IEP meetings or consulting with physicians, school administrators, teachers, therapists, tutors or academic counselors. This session can be scheduled after the final results session. Telephone and face-to-face sessions are available.

The time frame for a comprehensive psychological or psychoeducational  assessment is typically 2 to 3 weeks. Some assessments require less testing hours, which decreases this timeline.

Dr. Dohrenwend serves as a partner and advocate throughout the entire assessment process. Coordination of care is a priority and she frequently consults with other relevant parties either before, during or after testing.